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The objective of is to bring us together as one people and create a human society where we live in harmony with our environment, with the earth. We will create an ecologically sustainable lifestyle that supports life and fosters human progress. This isn’t just an option anymore. It is, but the only way for us to survive as the human species.

For far too long, we humans have lived like parasites on this earth. We have cleared swathes of forest lands, polluted our air and water and used up resources like metals and fossil fuels that will take hundreds, if not thousands or millions of years to replenish. Irrespective of how far we have come with science, some basic things have not changed. We still have to eat healthy food, breathe in unpolluted air and drink clean water. There are no substitutes for these and these are essential for our survival. Yet, these very things are getting scarcer in today’s world. The earth is dangerously careening towards a tipping point and if we don’t stop and transform now, it might all be too late.

It’s time to change. To stop and think. To take responsibility for our well-being and that of our children, grand-children and posterity. To take responsibility for the richness and perpetuation of the various species around us. To appreciate our interdependence. To recognize the role of nature in our sustenance, progress and fulfilment. To start nourishing our environment. To create a symbiotic relationship with the earth. To stop acting and living in fear and separation. To start living in love, understanding and peaceful togetherness.

We might all be too tempted to dismiss the thought as fanciful and move forward with our daily lives. For that is what we have done for centuries. When amidst a system that seems to have been going smoothly ever since we were born (albeit with hiccups now and then), that keeps us distracted and self-perpetuates, it is difficult to imagine that the human race is on the brink of a disastrous collapse, that misery awaits us on the path we are headed. Yet the evidence is irrefutable – from scientists to philosophers – all can now see it happening.

Think about it. When all these resources end or near depletion, when food is scarce – what will we do? If the earth becomes uncultivable because of our irresponsible treatment of the lands, where will food come from? Would we then be able to live our lives like we do today? Will all our fancy gadgets be of any use when we don’t get enough fuel resources to produce electricity?

But, where do we start? Can we really do it? Is everybody onboard for this? Is it even useful if only a handful of us acknowledge this while the rest of us are still blissfully oblivious to what’s happening?

If you were on the Titanic and you knew it had hit an iceberg, would you try to find out how you can help and do your bit to help prevent it from sinking, however impossible or insignificant it may seem, or would you run away from the problem just because everybody else seemed to be partying? Even if you shouted your head off from the stern, maybe nobody would listen. But if you were to stand up and start doing whatever you think would help, maybe someone will notice you, look at the problem and the possible solution, and find in you the source of their own courage and hope, come forward and join hands. Great things are possible when there is a sincere intent and a burning desire. We might begin as a small group but we could soon be an unstoppable avalanche. At first the change might look impossible, then a fantasy, then faintly probable, then hopeful, then happening and before long, it could seem ridiculous to have believed that it could not happen. That’s how all big changes happen. That’s how we can make this change happen.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

It will have to begin with us. We will have to see the vision and start working towards it first. Others might follow later.

There will be the fear of change and uncertainty. We have an entire perception of life and a way of functioning currently. Departing from it and trying to transform our society while still living within it can look next to impossible. So let’s move the small rocks first. Let’s begin with what we can. Like making our farms fertile again. Stopping the use of harmful chemicals. Let’s start making compost at home. Using solar panels to produce our electricity. Creating small self-sufficient communities.

I’ll confess, there isn’t an elaborate plan right now. And from experience, most big plans never really work out the way we expect them to. But once we start, things change. If we put our heads, hearts and hands together, I am sure we will find a way. Or many ways. There need not be one right way. As long as our goal is the same, let’s try out different ways. We might figure out bits and pieces here and there. We can start implementing them. Soon the missing pieces will start becoming visible.

Where would all the money from? First of all, we wouldn’t require money for everything. Sure, it would require time and effort but not necessarily money all the time. Our thinking, researching, exploring and sharing wouldn’t take any extra money than what we spend now.

And then, realize this: We humans were the ones who created money. So while it is the thing that makes the transactions possible in today’s world, the real currency is still the value we can produce as humans. The human energy is what we will have to invest primarily. If the economy were to collapse tomorrow but if we still have access to lands or those who have lands, we can grow food in them and borrow them in return for our work. This might sound juvenile at first but self-sufficient villages around the world are doing it already. Let’s equip ourselves with the knowledge. Let’s network and share ideas.

At one side the future looks bleak. On the other side there is hope. Whether we take up the challenge or not is up to us. There is a saying: Whether you think you can do it or not, you are always right. Let’s think we can.

It’s Dec 21, 2012 today. It’s a day that a lot of people talked about. Some predicted the world would end today. I can see no such signs, at least so far.  Some said a cosmic golden era would begin today. Whether it really began today, I have no way of knowing. But I begin this website today with a fervent hope. That it will serve to bring those of us who are like-minded to come together and make a positive difference to our world. That in some way, today really is the beginning of something tremendously positive.

Meanwhile, while I find a more formal structure for this site, please join Ecocracy on Twitter.   When things get going on this site, I’ll tweet to get your attention back here.

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You can already see that you are not alone. See you soon.

Be well.